Life in America

When we lived in Ukraine, I kept a blog to stay connected with friends back in the states.  As we moved to different locations, my friends wanted to see what was happening in our lives and blogging was easiest.  Upon arrival, I let go of the blog because I figured we all already know about life here in the states.  So upon request and for my dear friends in Ukraine and Russia, I am continuing with the blog.  =)

Katie is 14!!

The last two weekends we celebrated Katie turning 14 and Matthew, 12!  To celebrate, I took Katie and her two friends shopping and a sleepover.  Gotta love 14.

Matthew had friends out to the park for some intense bball and flag football, followed by an all night sleepover with pizza, x-box and games.  They all had a blast.

Matthew still our athlete!

Matthew still our athlete, loves the spot of goalie.

Guess who is freaking out his mother with jerky stops and near death?

Guess who is freaking out his mother with jerky stops and near death?  Yes, Andrew’s license is just around the corner!  And he has recently applied and landed his first full-time summer job, a life guard at Henry Moses!

Loves to play with his friends!

Loves to play with his friends!


my little ballerina

my little ballerina –

So as with all mom’s, what do we talk about?  Our kids =)

I’ll post next week with our future plans.  Stay tuned….

6 thoughts on “Life in America

  1. Kathy Kaseburg says:

    Way to go Matthew! Our daughter Heidi used to lifeguard at the old pool and at Hazen, Kennydale and Coulon. It’s a great job! Really nice M!! Nice pictures Rebekah!

  2. Irene Gustafson says:

    Great photos, praying you are all doing well inside and out. Hugs, Irene

  3. Beverly DeLauer says:

    Well….. A curious thing has happened. Your blog, Rebecca, has shown up in my email under the name “Brees Mackinac Island.” I receive this blog from Bree as well! Hmmmmm….. Beverly DeLauer Cambria, Ca.

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Renata says:

    Thank you so much for the updat and pics! I miss you all very much!!! Hugs to everyone from me!

  5. Finally, I again see your whole family !!!! Rebeca thanks for the pictures !!! I love and miss you for your family

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